Rockin’ the Dots for Minnie’s Walk of Fame Star

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January is always a great month for me because…


2. It’s a month devoted to Minnie and rockin’ the dots!

paradise pier california adventure disneyland rock the dots minnie mouse disney styledress: Realisation Par, jacket: Zara, purse: Coach, shoes: Converse

But this is post is going to be about Minnie (and some Minnie inspired outfits), not my birthday shenannigans. ūüėȬ† In fact, Minnie had a “facebook worthy” life event when she received her star on the walk of fame earlier this month!¬† And honestly, it’s about time!

disneyland california adventure disney style mickey mouse minnie paradise pier

Mickey got his star back in 1978,¬†but Minnie was only nominated for her own star just a few years ago.¬†And in the wake of the #TimesUp movement, I’m sure the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce felt pressure¬†and saw the perfect opportunity to show support.¬† More about how Minnie had to wait¬†40 years before getting her star here!

california adventure paradise pier mouseketeer disney style minnie mouse mickey

And I’ll be honest, I tend to choose Mickey over Minnie; especially when it comes to merch and disney fashion.¬† And that’s usually because I find Minnie to be a little¬†too girly for me.¬† Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got love for Minnie and everything she’s done.¬† But when it comes to girly, I’ve mentioned in previous posts how I tend to shy away from it.¬† When you’re a short asian and look “doll-like” in girly clothes, people tend to treat you more like a child rather than an adult.

paradise pier california adventure minnie mouse disney style mickeyjeans: Siwy, purse: Danielle Nicole, shirt: Harajuku, tank: LF, sunglasses: QUAY

Should I let the way others treat me deter me from wearing girly clothes? Absolutely not.¬† But the other part of wearing less girly clothes is to limit the amount of defense I have play.¬† If I encounter someone who starts treating me like a child, all of the sudden I have to make my case on why they should treat me like, I don’t know, a grown adult?!¬† Yes, I have a major sweet tooth, hate going to sleep when I’m told to, and I like Disney.¬† But that means I’m a child at heart, not an actual child.

paradise pier california adventure minnie mouse siwy denim mickey fun wheel disney style

But let’s get back to Minnie.¬† I’m so glad Minnie finally got her star!‚≠źÔłŹ¬† It was long overdue and just highlights how far behind we were in recognizing the gender disparity between Minnie and Mickey.¬† So instead of just rockin’ the dots only in January, I’m going to try to let Minnie inspire more of my Disney outfits.¬† Because the only thing better than representing this iconic fashionista is to shock strangers that dare treat me like a child.


california adventure paradise pier minnie style mickey mouse disney style