Hi, I’m A Bit Wong!



Hello, people of the internet!  My name is Alisa and you’ve stumbled upon A Bit Wong.

First things first, not only am I declaring today as A Bit Wong‘s birthday, it’s also my own birthday!  Please deliver all birthday cakes to San Francisco. 🙂  But I digress…

So about a week ago, I was rummaging though some junk and found my journal I kept in college.  While reading through it, I realized how often I wrote about my experiences as an Asian American female.  And to my surprise, it actually felt really validating.  These days, being a 3rd generation Chinese American affects almost every aspect of my life.  Not necessarily through huge, swift “acts of God,” but through smaller everyday interactions and my continuous inner monologue.  Aka microaggressions. Ok, getting a little too heavy now.

Anywho, after consistently scribbling in that journal for 2 years, the entries just stopped.  It was like reading an addicting young adult novel and suddenly nothing. Yes, I’m definitely well above the young adult age range – but I’m a sucker for easy reading.  The point is, A Bit Wong will be my epilogue to the Alisa Diaries: College Edition.  I want to use this as a place to write about my experiences through the lens of fashion, travel, and life.  And we’ll throw food in there for good measure.  I’m not saying every post will talk to one of my identities, but since I live and breathe it everyday, don’t be surprised if it sneaks in once in a while. 😉

If you made it this far, congratulations!  You’ve survived your first A Bit Wong musing.  And I can’t wait to have you back for more.


4 thoughts on “Hi, I’m A Bit Wong!

  1. Happy Birthday!! I am quite interested in reading your blog as I don’t think I ever met a third generation Asian American in person before. Looking forward to it.


    1. To hear that you’re interested in what I’m hoping to write more about is the greatest compliment. Thank you! And in San Francisco, we actually have a good amount of 3rd and 4th generation Asian Americans here, but I definitely think there aren’t enough voices from this group actually talking about their experiences. So I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences and I look forward to hearing some of yours as well!

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      1. Growing up on the East Coast, the Asians I come across are predominantly 1st or 2nd generations or 1.5ers. If they are 3rd or so forth generations, they are usually mixed Asians, and so the non-Asian parent ends up being in the country longer than the Asian parent. But I’m not sure mixed Asians count in this haha. Anyway I digress I think it would be very cool to hear from your perspective.


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