Rock the Dots

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dsc05877Since January is usually a birthday month in my booksūüėČ, I always tend to forget that it’s also a very special month for one of the top¬†fashion icons – Minnie Mouse!¬† Throughout the month of January, Disney fans everywhere are encouraged to #RockTheDots¬†to show off their own #MinnieStyle¬†and Disney Style.

Rock the dots also purposely coincides¬†with National Polka Dot day. ¬†So a couple weeks ago, I brought out my dots! ¬†I’ve had this American Apparel dot blouse for a few years now and I love it to death. ¬†It always adds the perfect amount of whimsy to any outfit. ¬†But with my round Asian face and short stature, going full on whimsy can tend to make me look a little tooo doll-ish. ¬†And if you haven’t guessed already, I ain’t always a doll.ūüėŹ

So I paired my shirt with sleeker items like a polished faux suede moto jacket and slick skinny jeans¬†with a distressed knee, which helps give the whole look a little extra edge. ¬†And to really #RockTheDots, I¬†paired¬†my dotted shirt with¬†studded dot ballet flats. ¬†Another great example of¬†something sweet, yet polished with some edge. ¬†And of course, I had to¬†top it all off with my favorite Mickey bag.ūüź≠

dsc05888Shirt: American Apparel, Jacket: Kohl’s LC Lauren Conrad, Jeans: Carmar, Shoes: Sam Edelman, Bag: Disney x Coach, Watch: Micheal Kors, Sunglasses:¬†Quay

And since National Polka Dot day was on a Sunday, we of course had to go out for brunch. ¬†So we stopped by The Palm House. ¬†Got myself the spam and eggs benedict, which was much more filling than I was expecting it to be. ¬†But the brown hash brown looking thing on the bottom…it’s actually a rice “hash brown” if you will. ¬†Genius. ¬†And the eggs…¬†perfectlypoached.¬† Yolk splits that were food porn worthy. ¬†And the spam wasn’t actual spam. Instead‚ėĚÔłŹ, gourmet braised pork shoulder.¬† Yes, I may have had to wipe some drool off my face as I write this post.ūüėõ


And aside from the food, the restaurant itself is adorable. ¬†Is city beach house chic a decor term? ¬†Lots of blue with palm green accents. ¬†And if you’re sad about having to eat brunch instead of watching your favorite team play, fret not! ¬†But come on, who actually says no to brunch?! ¬†But if you insist on watching the game, there is a bar area with TVs and you can happily scarf down your jerk chicken tacos or huevos rancheros while watching people professionally tackle each other. ¬†I, personally, prefer to enjoy a hot cup of tea.‚ėēÔłŹ



San Francisco Women’s March

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Go get yourself a copy of Bad Girls Throughout History STAT.

Around this time last year, I was in Hawaii frolicking around Aulani Disney Resort with close friends.  We were enjoying a nice meal and of course started talking about the potential election candidates.  I remember I started to cry because it was just unfathomable to me that people were even considering Trump.  After feeling defeated for the past few months, I knew that it was imperative, now more than ever, to do what I could to show my support.* Support for women and feminists.  Support for POC.  Support for LGBTQIA.  Support for choice. Support for the underserved.  Support for the underrepresented.


(via Susan Kaufman)

I’m not usually a rally kind of person. ¬†The introvert in me always tries to figure out if there’s anything that I could do within my four cozy walls to use my voice instead of having to venture to the outside world. ¬†Sometimes I think I’m a cold-blooded reptile since I get so cold¬†so¬†easily outside. ¬†But today was quite the exception. ¬†Earlier in the week I decided to attend the San Francisco Women’s March and meet up with some old co-workers from my non-profit days. Backstory: We all worked together at a non-profit Chinese American Historical museum in Chinatown (check it ‚ě°ÔłŹ CHSA). ¬†I probably still would have gone to the march, but knowing that I was going to meet up with these amazing women¬†made me that much more excited. ¬†One of them even printed and laminated these perfect Leia rebellion posters. ¬†I, of course, had to sport my “Rebel” Star Wars cap.¬†ūüĎĆ


Poster design from Ladies Who Design.  Download it for free and donate to designer Hayley Gilmore!

I actually had to run off for my family’s Chinese New Year’s dinner that evening, so I really only got to stay for the speeches and saw bits of the march on my way out. ¬†A great lineup of speakers and performers, but I choked up the most listening to San Francisco supervisor,¬†Jane Kim.

“My name is Jane Kim…and I am a¬†nasty woman.”¬†‚úäūüŹŅ‚úäūüŹĺ‚úäūüŹĹ‚úäūüŹľ‚úäūüŹĽ¬† ¬†

She went on to explain how she hired¬†an all female, all mothers, WOC legislative team at City Hall and how they’re “getting the job done!” ¬†Are you crying tears of empowerment yet? ¬†And then when¬†she talked¬†about how San Francisco is¬†one of the cities pioneering for social change, I just couldn’t hold it in. ¬†It makes me so proud to be a San Franciscan.

“We have a legacy of being bold. ¬†We were one of the first cities to marry gay couples. ¬†We are one of the first cities to provide single parent universal healthcare. ¬†We are the first city to bring minimum wage to $15 an hour – and most of those workers are women. So let’s march.” – Jane Kim

img_1892My eggs, my choice.ūüć≥ūüć≥ūüć≥ I like them over easy.ūüėú

As mentioned, I pretty much had to make my way over to Chinatown after the speeches, but did get a chance to snap a few photos of the parade and some fun signs. ¬†Apologizing now for the poor photo quality. ¬†It was pretty gloomy. ¬†And by the time the march started, it was raining and dark. ¬†I’m sure the earth¬†was upset that Trump and most, if not all, of his cabinet doesn’t believe in climate change.¬†ūüėĎ

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Of course the city showed its support in lighting up City Hall with pink lights. ¬†But¬†I’m sure it’ll change back to blue and gold once the Warriors play again. ¬†I’ll just have to be my own reminder to make my voice heard and support those who need it most. ¬†And¬†I urge¬†you to help us fight. ¬†Rebel against normalizing patriarchy, sexism, racism, homophobia, classism, ableism, and bullying. ¬†Rebel against believing that you have no voice. ¬†Rebel against silence. ¬†And for everything¬†that you’ve done so far, thank you.¬†ūüíó


OOTD/N:womens-marchRebel hat, Mulan pin: Disney, Glasses: Warby Parker, Girls flag pin: Tuesday Bassen, Egg socks: ikspiari (Japan), Leather jacket: LF, Black skinny jeans: Sears

*UPDATE: I just realized that I did not point out the privilege I have for not¬†feeling the¬†need to go out and march¬†until now. ¬†More specifically, I did not participate in any Black Lives Matter marches or events. That just speaks to the privilege I hold. I was always an ally, re-posting and reading what I could. ¬†But I never felt the need to march. ¬†I never felt in danger because of my race or the language I speak. ¬†I haven’t felt too threatened up until now. ¬†Even though I am a POC, I am not as much a target as, for example, a black male. ¬†And I just wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge that.